April 14, 2019

ISSAM HARRIS Makinch Zhar 2019 Moroccan Rapper

After the big success of CAVIAR and Trap Beldi, the talented moroccan artist ISSAM HARRIS came with a new artistic hit ‘Makinch Zhar’. And we loved every part of it!

The Moroccan rapper gets inspired by the cultural heritage of the country, bringing together Trap, Raï and new waves of fashion trends to create his new song and aesthetic video clip. Yes! just that, is a strong reason to go and watch it right now.

With this new style and visuals, the 25-year-old rapper from Casablanca want to show that the Moroccan music industry does not need to stick to traditional styles.

At Morocco Luxury Magazine, we think that ISSAM is way ahead of the music arena in Morocco. First, by creating a new style of music “Traï” combined with aesthetic visuals, and second, by the choice of artistic collaborations. Bringing together talented creators adds a uniqueness to his art.

Director / Co-Producer: ISSAM HARRIS
Co-Producer: YAZID BEZAZ
Art Direction: HAMZA ROBATI
Stylist: ARTC


Morocco Luxury Magazine

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