March 11, 2019


This is the new Bugatti: "La Voiture Noire", and it's the most talked about car at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

Today we are going to breakdown the top 10 things you need to know about it:

1. Price

This is the most expensive car ever sold, not surprising, when it went for $18,905,235.

2. Owner

They might be wondering who the heck can afford a one-off car such as this? Well, it's actually a guy called Ferdinand Piech, the grandson of Porsche's founder. He was the former CEO of Volkswagen, Bugatti's parent company.

3. Name

Now in case you don't understand French, the car's name "La Voiture Noire" means the black car and that's because it's made of black carbon fiber.

4. Seam

The dorsal which runs the full length of the cars roof, that's a throwback to the 57 C Atlantic.

5. Engine

So the supercar is powered with 16 cylinders, four turbochargers, 1,500 horsepower, 1,180 pound-feet of torque.

Now considering how much it is, you probably won't test it's full speed power!

6. Windscreen

Another unique feature about this car is the way the windscreen runs seamlessly into the side windows a bit like an airplane canopy. Good thing considering how fast this car can go.

7. Detailing

This really cool detailing on the cars engine cover those perforations aren't just for show, they're obviously to let that massive engine cool.

8. wheels

Everything on this car is bespoke, I mean just check out those unique alloy wheels, they're incredible it's weird though how they're painted silver on the actual tire, not sure about that.

9. Exhausts

This car has six exhaust pipes and they're all real, I would illustrate that with a car wire stick of truth', but I probably get chucked off the stand.

10. Lights

The lights of his car are incredible, I've never seen anything like it I'm assuming the LEDs but I'm not entirely sure where they work.

You're probably wondering what this car looks like inside well if the windows all blocked, there's a reason for that, it's just a pototype for the final production which will be live in 2021.

I'm sure when the car's finished, it will be incredible just like the exterior.






















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